Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum number of shirts you print for a certain design?

There is no minimum for printing each design, but lower numbers tend to be more expensive per shirt because the setup costs do not spread across as many shirts. For example, it costs about $60 in setup fees for each screen we have to create. For 3 shirts with just one screen, that means $20 per shirt in setup fees alone, whereas for 60 shirts with one screen, that’s $1 per shirt for setup fees.

If I need black tees and white tees with the same design but different color, would it be considered in the same set of tees?
We used to consider the same design in different colors as one set, but we have found that the process we use to clean one color of ink from the screen degrades the quality of print on the second color. To maintain the same level of quality across your full order, we would need to consider each ink color a new design and create a new set of screens for it.

How do you set your pricing? 

Your pricing quote takes many factors into consideration: number and cost of shirts, number of ink colors and print locations, timeline, etc.
Because the screen printing process requires a screen to be created for each color in a design, we have to include a charge for each color and location. This means that a larger number of shirts tends to be cheaper per shirt because the costs spread across a larger number. Shirts with several ink colors and multiple print locations tend to be more expensive because of how many screens have to be created in order to print.

Do you charge for artwork help?

We do not charge for turning completed designs into print-ready art, but we do charge a small fee if we have to alter the number of colors in a design or if we create a design from scratch. We charge $30/hour for art services, with a minimum of $10.

What is your shipping policy? 

We offer free ground shipping in the contiguous US for individual orders. We do charge a small shipping premium on store orders and RUSH shipping projects. RUSH shipping prices are subject to details of each project.

What is your turnaround time? 

After the order details are finalized and the art is approved, we typically ask for 5-10 business days to print your orders. Local orders are welcome to be picked up at our location or we will ship ground at that point.

Can I personalize my order? 

We offer the addition of names/numbers or other personalization to shirts for a small upcharge per shirt. Those details need to be included in the order details prior to the printing beginning.

Do you only offer screenprinting? 

In addition to screenprinting, we are able to offer embroidery on our apparel items. We offer a wide variety of  custom promotional products such as– bottles, mugs, pens, stress balls, balloons, USB drives. We can do basically anything you can think of! 

As one of Boise’s premier custom apparel suppliers we are proud to serve our local community. If you have any questions about custom print jobs, please contact us below:

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