Local Boise fitness apparel company helps feed the hungry.

January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020 Kit Mckee

What’s your mission? This is a statement that would not be uncommon to hear at Iron Mission. As a fitness apparel line founded in July of 2019, we discovered the mission of this new company very refreshing.

A fitness brand that gives back.

Our own Olivia Dennis from Your Official Gear sat down with the founder of Iron Mission and asked some questions about why they started their company.  Caden had lots to say on the subject when asked, “What is the mission statement?” Caden replied, “Iron Mission’s soul purpose is to help feed kids and save lives across the globe. We have started this mission by partnering with The Idaho Foodbank and in future we will be partnering with food banks in Washington, Utah, and Oregon. We feel it is our duty to help kids have better lives by having full stomachs.”

He went on to elaborate about a personal story in which a family member who had to bring food every night to help feed the children of a close friend. Without this help these children would not have been able to eat. This had a profound impact on Caden who went on to say, Personally I have never had to go through being food insecure as a child and I believe that because I have been blessed like that, it should be our duty to make sure that children today don’t have to feel food insecure.”

"It should be our duty to make sure that children today don’t have to feel food insecure."

Partnering with The Idaho Foodbank.

Whats in the box?

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Iron mission’s commitment to end child hunger through their proceeds, led to a partnership with Idaho’s largest ally in the fight against hunger.

The Idaho Foodbank is an independent, donor-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1984, and is the largest food bank and distributor of free food assistance in Idaho. From warehouses in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, the Foodbank distributes food for millions of meals each year through a network of over 400 community-based partners across the state.

Caden recalls how the partnership began. So this journey started in March as IMAG IN. The business model was the same and the goal was the same but the name and knowledge of how to do this was lacking. IMAG IN was so “kids could imagine past their meals”. I didn’t know what I was doing. Or how I was gonna partner with the Idaho Foodbank, being a startup company that had nothing but a bad tag line but I was just going to do it. I called them and asked for the marketing specialist, they sent me to Carolyn Blake and I was just honest. I told her that I am young and I am just starting this company but at the soul of this company is this mission that needs to be started. I told her the best way to get it started would be to partner with them! She was sketched out at first due to the cold call from a young man starting a business that she doesn’t know or heard of but she said yes! Sent over documents and I signed and she signed and it worked! However IMAG IN wasn’t working so I grew my knowledge changed the name to Iron Mission and have just have been grinding to what I feel is the right path sense then.”

20% of Iron Mission earnings are donated to fight hunger.

Looking Forward.

When asked about future goals for Iron Mission, Caden was very passionate about his answer. “Short term Iron Mission is to partner with food banks in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah, to help feed kids. We also plan to grow the awareness and the clothing line all while doing our best to make our clothing in the U.S or doing our due diligence and making sure it’s being made for a fair wage. You can’t make clothing for 20 cents and give back to the community, and think you are still making a difference. That defeats your purpose. Long term I want to be able to put Iron Mission in stores all around. Retail and online stores and be able to have constant funding going out to communities to support kids globally. Take any big brands today for instance. What started slow has become global, if they took every product and sent a percentage to communities around the world they would still have plenty of money to keep grinding and it would make a huge impact on kids.”

Where do the shirts come from?

Iron mission currently gets all of their fitness shirts and custom apparel from Your Official Gear, located in Boise, Idaho. You can purchase Iron Mission gear on their website or, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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“Working with YOG has been a great experience! I am able to get quality product, and learn the process of how this all works! They are very understanding and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to clothing! It’s been a great experience and a great relationship that I hope to continue.” ~ Caden

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