Let us build you a personalized store for your school. Absolutely free.

Nothing says fundraiser like an online school store with custom designs of your school logo.

We offer online stores for team where students, parents and athletes can purchase spirit wear. If fundraising is needed you can choose to have a portion of each sale is donated back to your school or team. The best part is, we handle every detail and it costs absolutely nothing to have a personalized store. Each store offers custom hoodies, t shirts and hats. If you are a band mom, or head of your cheer squad, we’ve got a custom hat or  spirit jersey for that. 

Below are some of high schools and teams that we currently work with.

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How do fundraising stores for high schools work?

The success of our fundraising stores for high schools has been a pleasant surprise. Thousands of dollars are being raised for schools across the country every day. The best part is there is no cost to have a store. We take care of everything up front and handle every detail. 

How do they work?

  1. Each store is custom built with spirit wear from your local high school.
  2. Then we design custom products like shirts, hoodies, duffel bags and hats that you can’t get anywhere else. All featuring the school’s colors and logo.
  3. We launch the store and provide a store link for students, parents and faculty to shop at.
  4. The stores are open on average one month at a time. Then we collect the orders and get to work.
  5. All the orders are printed and shipped to the school for pickup.
  6. A portion of each sale is donated to the school.

Talk with a teacher or faculty member and let them know about this fundraising opportunity. It’s a great way to promote your cheer, band, football, soccer, baseball, or your favorite clubs. Remember there is no cost to get started and we handle everything.