Real estate agents seasonal survival gift baskets guide.

December 4, 2019
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December 4, 2019 Olivia Dennis

Unwrapped: Top unique gift baskets for your clients.

It’s the holiday season; your clients are feeling cozy and content with their homes, rentals, investment properties, business buildings etc. As the real estate market is winding down, ever so slightly, it’s time for you to ramp up your gift game with custom gift baskets!

Since things are “winding down,” meaning you actually have time to take a lunch rather than show a house. It only takes a few minutes of your lunch break to pick out and order gift baskets that are catered perfectly for your loyal clients. Sounds pretty appealing to check client gifts off your to-do list, right?

Let’s first check off some benefits of giving gift baskets to your clients.

Best of both worlds

Giving clients a closing gift is exciting but expected. You can do even better by surprising them with an unexpected gift basket around the holidays. This will bring back the exciting memories of closing on their property with their favorite real estate agent, fingers crossed it’s you. Gift baskets can guide you from leaving a happy client to maintaining a happy client relationship. You spent enough time with them going over their must haves and wish lists to get a pretty good grasp on what type of unique and useful basket they would enjoy. Want to get the best of both worlds?

Look into gift baskets that include custom logo branded products – it’s one of the best and easiest ways to build brand awareness!  55% of people work with a business before receiving a promotional product. 85% of people work with a business after receiving a promotional product, says Sage. You can increase your sales by 30% just from handing out logo branded products! Imagine giving your client a promotional item plus their favorite goodies in a beautiful basket – potential sales growth goes beyond 30%. Going the extra mile shows you care and will help lock down a loyal client relationship.

Lifelong loyalty

It’s worth it, especially in real estate, because your clients are everything. They clearly trust you to handle one of the biggest of their lifetime. Gifts enforce their positive feelings towards your partnership, which increases loyalty says, Quest Merchandise. Loyalty increases the likelihood of repeat sales with your clients. Repeat sales makes spending double to triple digits on a basket a lot easier knowing it will return the favor with a nice commission. Though, repeat sales are just the invitation to hop on Santa’s sleigh. Referrals are the magical sleigh ride of endless opportunities.


A personal referral is powerful – not as powerful as a referral from Santa, but pretty close. People confide in their friends, family, coworkers, or other people they trust when in need of a professional’s help. Referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow a quality client list. It’s mind blowing how custom gift baskets can spark successful client relationships, build brand awareness, maintain customer loyalty, and ramp up referrals. Sit back and relax with a cup of joe, or hot coco while scrolling through these creative custom gift baskets.

On the go with a cup of joe

A tribute for those who have more coffee than water running through their veins! Make their Monday morning a little more mood. A sugar and coffee buzz never hurt anybody!

"85% of people work with a business after receiving a promotional product"

Some Guy

Meat and cheese, yes please

A hostess with the mostess will eat up a chic chartuterie board. It’s the perfect appetizer addition to any elaborate holiday party! Their friends and family won’t be able to stop talking about the real estate agency engraved on the meat and cheese board.

Wine, living life off the vine

A true wino would never whine about a new bottle of wine and glasses! As your clients clink their engraved wine glasses, your beyond beautiful gift will be engraved in their memories forever. Leaving them with full hearts and full glasses.

Relax and re-treat yourself

When a beautiful bath tub is at the top of their “must have list”. They will be on a relaxing spa stay-cation in no time! A little self-care after house hunting never hurt anybody!

Hit the trails and trail mix

Clients who live for outdoor recreation will be jumping for joy in their hiking boots when they receive this backpack! These tasty snacks are well deserved after their weekend of activities. They won’t forget you or your practical backpack when they take it on all of their awesome adventures.

All local products everything

The community that surrounds your clients is probably one of the main reasons they decided to live there. Local love is real! Load them up with locally made treats they truly support and care for. Check out these custom Idaho sourced gift baskets!

Little but not lacking

Tiers of chocolate toffee cheer

Merry and bright medium basket

Chocolaty truffle cheer for all toffee lovers to hear

Wine-ter Wonderland of Chocolates

Toast the season

Not only is Your Official Gear running an Idaho sourced gift baskets special (buy 12 baskets get 1 free- limited time only), but they also offer all of the unique gift baskets shown above! Hope you have a gracious gift giving season through all the holiday shopping havoc. Your Official Gear is here to help take the present pressure of your plate so you can enjoy the holidays and know your quality custom order is already on its way. Contact us today! Happy Holidays!

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